A bit of backstory

There are a large number of people who are deeply interested in Indian theatre, but who find precious little regular news and discussion about it. Bringing out a hard copy journal at the national level is a costly affair, and is not easy to sustain. Therefore, as part of the India Theatre Forum programmes, it was felt that it would be useful to bring out an internet-based fortnightly journal. The coordinator of this project Sudhanva Deshpande had some experience of bringing out a journal of this kind, since he had in the past co-edited e-STQ. It was decided that he would put together a team that would bring out a new e-journal, christened e-Rang.

The plot twists

In mid-2010 the first issue of e-Rang was published with Vikram Iyangar and Joyoti Roy as co-editors, and Sharvari Shastry providing very able back-end support. E-Rang ran for 105 issues till early 2015, with interviews and contributions from some of the both well-known and new names in India theatre. Then came a break. The India Theatre Forum, which is, at best, a notional body with neither a registered existence nor headquarters, was in a state of transition, figuring out its own systems. Both the co-editors, for different reasons, found their other commitments also piling up. Inevitably, e-Rang was mothballed while a new team, and new systems, were put together. This time was spent in reorganising the internal and technical operations of the newsletter and consolidating the readership base. However, readers began to wonder what happened to the newsletter, as the short pit stop turned into a rather long hiatus. After lots of Skype meetings and virtual co-ordination with a geographically dispersed team things began to move again. In September 2016 the newsletter picked up where it left off under a new team, new energy and with a new look and feel. Ram Ganesh Kamatham and Irawati Karnik took over as editors, Kaustubh Naik provided backend support, and Sudhanva continued in his coordinating role.