What’s new in Season 2

An equally important aspect of making theatre is TALKING about making theatre. Sharing concepts, hypothesizing, building on them, then shredding them apart . . . as well as discovering other enthusiasts who get their jollies from wrestling with ideas and telling stories. This is the space for that. The space that connects all those deeply interested in Indian theatre. The space that provides regular news and discussion about it.

The idea is not to focus on individuals, specific plays or processes but to see if one can derive a sense of methodology or approach through conversations about theatre. To share experiences that enliven one’s life in the theatre. To try and become aware of the artistic zeitgeist as one lives inside it.

The new character

When we first launched e-Rang, we chose the snail as our mascot. We thought, and still do, that the snail is a bit like Indian theatre — it moves slowly but with great determination, often beneath the surface, carrying its home on its own back. Now, we’ve also given our mascot a name: Ghongha. Every time you look at Ghongha he moves a little, it’s just that you don’t immediately notice the movement!